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Do you believe that companies give 100% preference to candidates who have live project experience in Java & Selenium?

Java & Selenium Certification Course Rs. 6700 1997


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Practical Exercises


Days Access

Practical Exercises


Java & Selenium Certification  Rs. 6700 1997

Java Basics & Constructs

Overview, Data Types & Variables. Arrays. Looping Constructs. Class & Objects. Constructor

What is the course curriculum?

You will get the entire Java & Selenium ecosystem broken down into step-by-step lessons, making it very easy for you to grasp all the concepts & components.

OOPs Concepts

Defining & Importing Packages, Inheritance, Method & Classes, Method Overloading & Overriding, Super Keyword

Interfaces & Enums

Abstract: Class, Methods. Interfaces: Defining & Implementation. Enums. Dynamic Data Storage. Exceptions.


Java Thread Mode, Creating Threads, Thread Priorities & Synchronization.  Runnable Class, Deadlock, Inter-thread Communication. 

SQL, Databases & JDBC

SQL: Basics, Installation, Commands, Functions, Joins. DriverManager, ResultSet. JDBC: Operations, Drivers, Integration with Eclipse

Selenium Components

Introduction to Selenium. Test Automation, Comparisons, Supported Browsers and Platforms. Components: IDE, RC, WebDriver 

Architecture. Locator Concepts. Firebugs, IE & Chrome Tools, Xpath Techniques

Selenium WebDriver

Webdriver Workflows. Configuring in Eclipse. Cross Browser Testing. Handling Webtables & Alerts

Validation Statements 

Validation: Page Content, title, URL, Text Box Value, Color, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes & Fields

WebDriver Advanced 

Waits: Explicit & Implicit. Screenshots, Cookies. Migration of Selenium1 to Selenium2. Keyboard Handling & Mouse Events

Unit Testing Framework

Junit: Basics, Configuring with Eclipse & WebDriver. TestNg Framework. Parallel Script Execution, Suite Creation Methodology. Report Generation & Assertions

Hub & Node Configuration. Customization & Parallel Execution. Sikuli: Image recognition & Integration. AutoIt: Need, Basics, Calling Script

Selenium Grid

Selenium RC

Data Driven Tests 

Reading from Excel File. Reading & Writing Text/CSV File. Reading/Writing Database

Page Object Model (POM)

Understanding Page Object Model - Applications & Advantages. Creating a Page Object Model in Java. Selenium Operations.

Maven & Jenkins Integration

Apache Maven: Installation, Configuration, Dependencies.
Jenkins: Installation & Configuration

BDD & Cucumber

Scenario Keywords. Step Definitions & Runner Class. Cucumber: HTML & JSON Reports.

Real-time Experience

Every learning resource in this course is absolutely optimized with industry standards and will give you the foundation to move ahead in your career.

Guided Lessons

You will get 70+ concept lessons covering the complete Java & Selenium ecosystem.

Guided Practicals

You will 90+ guided practicals to give you a comprehensive hands-on experience.

Live Support

You will get 24/7 live technical support from our trainer engineers via phone, email and video calls.

Personal Cloud Labs

You will get lifetime access to a personal cloud lab built on the Cloudera distribution. You can also upload personal data-sets.

Industry Certification

You will get a course certification + individual certificate for projects. This is recognized by 70+ corporates.

These Companies Will Recognize Your Certification

Here are few of our 70+ corporate partners who will recognize your Java & Selenium Certification from this course. In fact, employees of these companies complete this exact course before being deployed on projects.
"This is a 10x superior experience compare to live instructor led training, the material quality is awesome and projects replicate real-time scenarios:

Varun Vijaywargi JP Morgan Chase

"Skillspeed has provided me a clear road-map for a career in BIG Data. The class quality is excellent and I'm fully satisfied with the support"

Ankit Gupta          Etisalat

“The content was a perfect mix of theoretical & practical topics. The overall quality is excellent and I will definitely refer my peers"

Subhendu Mandal United Health Group

“This is the most fun I've had learning since college! The instructor has left me eager to apply new skills”

Melissa Torres Procore Technologies

“I have attended many courses from Skillspeed and I trust them. The cloud lab was an absolutely amazing experience"

Akshay Zala   Logicom Solutions

“I'm happy to do this course and this will help me secure my future. A special mention of the support team for helping me at each step”

Ashwin Kumar        HPE

“I took the BIG Data & Hadoop and DevOps course; it was very well taught with a lot of supporting materials and reference material ”

Natalie Korbova TEK Systems

"The course at Skillspeed was well structured and instructor was very well versed with the concepts he was explaining"

Janmejay Rai OPTTransnational

“The course was well structured with rich content; overall learning experience was excellent. Kudos to the Skillspeed team"

Sameer Masram        IP Software

“It has been a wonderful journey with Skillspeed. Everything from course content to the lab facility and support has been superb!"

Mukesh Jha               TCS

Demo #1 - Thread Synchronization

In this demo, you will get a detailed understanding of the Synchronization including an introduction, detailed scenarios and the Synchronization method using thread classes. 

HDFS & MapReduce

BIG Data Ecosystem

Hadoop Architecture

Demo #2 - Advanced Webdriver

In this demo, you will get a detailed understanding of screen-shot operations within the Advanced Selenium Webdriver. You will get a detailed tutorial on taking, processing and saving screen-shots under Selenium Webdriver.

Selenium Webdriver


Disk Saving


Live Industry Grade Projects

You will get access to the following live industry grade projects in this course.

Use Case #1

Product Price - Quantity - Availability - Checkout Analysis. Custom Scenarios & Variables.

Automate an eCommerce Website User Experience Using a Data Driven Hybrid Framework

Use Case #2

Sign Up & Login Workflow. Product Discovery & Search Functionality. Keyword Variable Analysis.

Use Case #3

Trending Deals - Product Category & Keyword. Custom Scenarios & Variables.

Use Case #1

Flight Searching, Listings & Availability. Custom Variables - Selected Date, Airlines, Timings and Sort & Filter.

Create an Automated Testing Framework via TestNG for a Travel Booking Website

Use Case #2

Hotel Searching, Listings & Availability. Custom Variables - Selected Date, Hotels, Pricing and Sort & Filter.

Use Case #3

Sign Up & Login Workflow. Flight & Hotel Booking Workflow.

Use Case #1

Refresh Automation: BSE Sensex Value. Automatic Value & Timestamp Storage.

Create a Hybrid Framework via Advanced Selenium Webdriver for a Stock Market Trends Website

Use Case #2

Keyword Based Search & Action: Market Winners & Losers Trend & Pop-up Alerts.

Use Case #3

Value & Quote Automation: Input Company & Category. Response Submission and Screenshot Storage.