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We provide a 24/7 support help-desk wherein you can contact dedicated engineers via phone, live chat, email and video calls.


You will get access to 120 byte-sized lessons featuring the most detailed & interactive explanations of BIG Data & Hadoop.


You will get unlimited access to our real time multi-cluster cloud based labs to implement your practicals & projects.


Every week, you will get a live instructor masterclass featuring  either a concept discussion or a live project implementation.


We have a repository of 7+ projects featuring domains such as Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Banking and Entertainment.


The certification you get at the end of the course is recognized by all our 50+ corporate partners. We're also compatible with the Cloudera & Hortonworks certification.

Hadoop 2.x Fundamentals

Big Data - Concepts, Types & Application. Introduction to Hadoop 2.x Architecture & Ecosystem.

What is the course curriculum?

You will get the entire Hadoop 2.x ecosystem broken down into step-by-step lessons, making it very easy for you to grasp all the concepts & components.


HDFS Architecture, File Read & Write. Data Loading Commands & Workflows. High Availability and HDFS Federation

MapReduce - I

Introduction to MapReduce Job Operation; MRV1 - Mapper, Shuffle & Sort, Reducer. Complete YARN Architecture

MapReduce - II

MRV2. Map Side Join; Reduce Side Join. Counters, MR Unit and Sequential Files. Design Patterns

Hive - I

Introduction to Hive Architecture & Data Types. HiveQL Command Structures and Data Models.

Hive - II

Hive - Meta Store & Bucketing. Managed, External and Temporary Tables. Indexes and UDFs.


PIG - Model, Modes & Commands. 13 Core PIG Operations. PIG-Latin Command Structures.


Joins - Replicated, Merge and Skewed. Advanced UDFs, Operations and Functions.


Introduction to Sqoop - Sqoop Ecosystem & Workflow. Data Operations via Hbase, HDFS and Hive.


Introduction to Flume. Flume Architecture & Data Flow. Setup Configuration. Flume - Twitter Sync


Detailed Oozie Workflow. Applying in Production Environments; Co-ordinator and Scheduling. 

Hbase Architecture, Operations and Deployment. Data Model, Physical Model and Integrations.


7+ Live Industry Grade Projects

This collection of projects will expose you to a variety of production level implementations across 5+ domains. Thus, making you a preferred candidate for open job opportunities. 

Use Case #1

Access Top 5 Selling Products and Customer Orders;Trend Analysis.

Sample #1: Analyze Customer Behavior & Spending Patterns via MapReduce & Hive

Use Case #2

Analyze Customer Spending Patterns based on Historical Data Analysis.

Use Case #3

Predict Sales based on Product Category, Customer Demography and Internal Sales Trends.

Use Case #1

Transaction Volume & Trading Analysis. Trend Charts & Buying Patterns.

Sample #2: Analyze NYSE Trade & Bond Movements via MapReduce, Hive & Sqoop.

Use Case #2

Stock Movements - Positive & Negative Pricing. Percentage Trends & Profitability.

Use Case #3

Stock Prediction Analysis via Historical Patterns for Individual, Commodities & Indexes.

Use Case #1

Check Patient Status via Age, Disease, Admitted Duration and Assigned Resources.

Sample #3: Analyze Healthcare Administration Systems via PIG & Hive

Use Case #2

Disease Analysis - Occurence Patterns, Mortality Rates and Curing Practices.

Use Case #3

Administration & Usage Analysis - Human Resources and Equipment Cycles.

Live Instructor led Masterclasses

You will get a 2 weekly 90 minute masterclasses featuring either a live project demonstration or a concept discussion. In addition, you will also get a chance to get 1-to-1 doubt clearance from the instructor.

Project Mentoring

You will get direct mentoring on production level implementations. This includes live project demonstrations.

Topic Mentoring

You will get direct topic based mentoring on select concepts in the Hadoop 2.x ecosystem.

Support Mentoring

You will an opportunity to get your doubts cleared absolutely live by our expert grade instructor.

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Subhendu Mandal

“This is the most fun I've had learning since college! The instructor has left me eager to apply new skills. ”

Melissa Torres

“I took the BIG Data & Hadoop and DevOps course; it was very well taught with a lot of supporting materials and reference material. ”

Natalie Korbova

The course at Skillspeed was well structured and instructor was very well versed with the concepts he was explaining. 

Janmejay Rai

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When will this course start?
As soon as you complete your enrollment, you will get access to the complete learning platform, weekly class schedules and your personal support presentative.
How will I get my certificate?
Once you successfully complete and submit at least 5 live industry projects, you will be rewarded your personalized completion certificate & grade score.



What is the live class schedule?
You will get two 90 minute live masterclasses every week, they will happen every Saturday & Tuesday at 8:30PM IST.




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8:30 AM PST


sessions are about 75 mins + extra time for questions