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Real-time Experience

Every learning resource in this course is absolutely optimized with industry standards and will give you the foundation to move ahead in your career.

Guided Lessons

You will get 80+ concept lessons covering the complete Apache Spark & Scala ecosystem, including Mlib and GraphX

Guided Practicals

You will get 100+ guided practicals to give you a comprehensive hands-on experience.

Live Support

You will get 24/7 live technical support from our trainer engineers via phone, email and video calls.

Personal Cloud Labs

You will get 1 year access to a personal cloud lab built on the Cloudera distribution. You can also upload personal data-sets.

Industry Certification

You will get an industry recognized course certification. This is recognized by 70+ corporates.

If you want to purchase this course directly it is for Rs. 12,597. However, if you opt for a trial you will get a special discount.


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BIG Data Fundamentals

Introduction to BIG Data - Concepts, Types & Applications. Traditional Systems vs Hadoop vs Apache Spark

What is the course curriculum?

You will get the entire Apache Spark ecosystem broken down into step-by-step lessons, making it very easy for you to grasp all the concepts & components.

Introduction to Scala

Scala Basics & REPL. Variables & Datatypes in Scala. Control Structures, Command Formats & Execution Operations

Advanced Scala

Functions, Procedures & OOPs Concepts. Collections & Higher Order Functions. Anonymous Functions & Higher Order Programming

Apache Spark

Apache Spark - Introduction, Architecture & Ecosystem. Applications & Business Derivatives. MapReduce Comparison

RDDs - Introduction, Architecture and Data Loading. Partitioner & Performance Improvements. Caching & Persistence

Advanced RDDs


RDD Operations & Programming. Job Execution Cycles via RDDs. Types of RDDs in Apache Spark. Shared Variables


Introduction, Creating & Using Dataframes. SQL Context. Running SparkSQL via Dataframes. Parquet Files. Integration Spark & Hive.


Spark Dataframe API

Spark Streaming


Introduction to Spark Streaming. DStream & Features. Windows & Stateful Operations. Apache Kafka Integration. Socket & File Streaming

Introduction to Machine Learning. Spark MLlib API. Supervised & Unsupervised Learning. Machine Learning via Apache Spark

Spark MLlib


Spark GraphX

GraphX - Introduction & Usage. Graph Analysis, Visualization & Computations via Apache Spark. 



Introduction to RDDs

Demo #1 - Creating RDDs in Spark

In this demo, you will get a detailed introduction of Apache Spark including RDBMS limitations, Apache Spark Ecosystem & Features including the Industry Usage and History of Apache Spark.

Introduction to RDDs

RDD Architecture

Creating a RDD

Demo #2 - Spark Streaming 101

In this demo, you will get an introduction to Spark Streaming, one of the most critical aspects of the Apache Spark ecosystem. You will understand the architecture, ecosystem & use-cases. And, also get ready to run your first Spark Streaming program.

Introduction to Spark Streaming

Streaming Architecture

Start Your First Spark Stream

These Companies Will Recognize Your Certification

Here are few of our 70+ corporate partners who will recognize your Apache Spark & Scala Certification from this course. In fact, employees of these companies complete this exact course before being deployed on projects.

Live Industry Grade Projects

You will get access to live industry grade projects in this course from use-cases such as Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Aviation and Entertainment. 

Use Case #1

Real-time Triggers, Feedback & Engagement Collection via Twitter.

#1: Real-time Sentiment Analysis from Twitter via Apache Spark Streaming

Use Case #2

 Sentiment & Response Analytics - Positive, Negative and Neutral

Use Case #3

Deriving Product & Engagement Insights - Direct Business Applications.

Use Case #1

Pageviews Analysis, Article Trends Analysis, Top Articles via Trends & Pageviews

#2: Analyzing Wikipedia Clickstreams via Dataframes & SparkSQL

Use Case #2

Stock Movements - Positive & Negative Pricing. Percentage Trends & Profitability.

Use Case #3

Stock Prediction Analysis via Historical Patterns for Individual, Commodities & Indexes.

Use Case #1

Analyze Customer Demographic Data - Age, Social Status & Purchasing Patterns.

#3: Customer Churn Prediction via Apache Spark & Machine Learning Libraries

Use Case #2

Identify, Associate & Analyze Customer Purchase Patterns + Demographic Trends

Use Case #3

Create a Machine Learning Pipeline Predicting Customer Churn.